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Guest Speakers

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Jared Dillian

Presentation on Investing and Trading

Hosted by the Financial Literacy Club

April 30, 2021

Jared Dillian is the author of All the Evil of This World (2016) and Street Freak: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers (2011). He also founded his own financial publishing business, The Daily Dirtnap, following the 2008 Financial Crisis. Dillian attended the United States Coast Guard Academy and finished his MBA at the University of San Francisco. He worked on the floor of the Pacific Options Exchange and was hired by Lehman Brothers in 2001, when he moved to New York and started working there for seven years until its bankruptcy in 2008.

His financial publishing business, The Daily Dirtnap, provides daily market commentary and insight to a range of institutional clients.  Dillian is also a regular contributor to Mauldin Economics and a variety of online business and financial publications, and is an adjunct professor at Coastal Carolina University.

His debut novel, All the Evil of This World, is perhaps the only work of financial fiction to truly capture what it is like to work on Wall Street.  It is a breathtakingly beautiful examination of a profession and the people within it that we rarely examine fairly.  It's a daring approach to the setting, and the excitement (or revulsion) you feel reading it will forever change your perception of finance and the people that work within it--possibly for the better.

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Christina Qi

Presentation on Quantitative Finance & Hedge Funds

Hosted by the Avenues Trading and Investment Club

January 15, 2021

Christina Qi is the CEO of Databento, an on-demand data platform for asset managers and quants. She is also a Founding Partner of Domeyard LP, among the longest-running HFT hedge funds in the world. She started her hedge fund out of her MIT dorm room in 2012 which focuses primarily on quantitative and algorithmic strategies. Her fund makes up to 7.1 billion dollars worth of trades in a single day.

Her company’s story has been featured on the front page of Forbes and Nikkei, and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN, NBC, and the Financial Times. Christina is a contributor to the World Economic Forum’s research on AI in finance. She is a visiting lecturer at MIT, including Nobel Laureate Robert Merton’s “Retirement Finance” class since 2014, and alongside President Emerita Susan Hockfield and Dean David Schmittlein in 2019.

Christina teaches Domeyard’s case study at Harvard Business School and other universities. She is on the board of trustees at MIT and is a Co-Chair at the Invest in Girls foundation.


Marco Schnabl

Presentation on Entrepreneurship

Hosted by the Hunter Finance Club

September 25, 2020

Marco Schnabl is the CEO and co-Founder of automotiveMastermind (Mastermind), the leading provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation technology for the automotive industry. In his role, Schnabl leads sales, service and operations for Mastermind, which has nearly doubled its employee count in the last year.

Schnabl co-founded Mastermind with Johannes Gnauck in 2012. Mastermind is now a leading predictive analytics and marketing automation technology for thousands of dealer partners.

Schnabl was with Mercedes-Benz both in Germany and at its flagship location in Manhattan for more than ten years. During that time, he held a variety of roles, including: Sales Consultant, Sales Manager and Manager for Strategic Retail Development.

Schnabl is a graduate of the Berlin School of Economics and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration, Management and Operations.

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